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Do I Have to Write a Cover Letter?

Writing a cover letter indicates that you have a serious interest in the position. It forces you to know the name and location of the in-home employer, the name of a contact person and think about the value you can bring to the employer. Your cover letter should not repeat the information in your resume, but highlight a few areas where your skills and the employer’s needs clearly intersect.

How to Respond to a Job Lead

Once you have a handful of job leads, do some research into the employers and positions so that you can tailor your resume and find a contact person.

Whether you are replying to a newspaper advertisement, an online posting or an invitation from your cousin’s neighbor to apply for work, treat every lead as important. Follow-up your resume or application with polite telephone calls expressing interest and asking where they are in their process.

How to Interview and Follow-Up

An interview is a make-or-break moment in the job search process. First impressions really are important, so here are some tips to ensure that the employer remembers you in a positive way:

Be Easy to Reach. Your phone should have an answering machine/voicemail with a professional-sounding message (no music, jokes or personal messages). Set up an e-mail account with your first initial and last name or use a similar, professional style. Check your voicemail and e-mail frequently. If you don't respond to the employer for days, chances are that the opportunity will be lost.

Make a Good Impression. Have pleasant telephone manners and avoid slang. Present yourself in such a way that interviewers will be comfortable having you as an employee. Check ahead to see where the interview will be. Make sure you know where you're going – you don't want to show up late.

Look Your Best. Look professional. Present a clean and reliable image.

Be Interview Savvy. Listen carefully to the interview questions and answer them respectfully. Don't make your answers too long or too short. The interviewer needs to hear enough to get a sense of who you are and what you will bring to the position, but he or she does not want endless details.