My Place CT is a resource that helps your neighbors live independently. Our goal is to match people who provide care with people who need it. To help make this easier, we’ve partnered with, Connecticut’s trusted online employment resource. By providing tools, information and support, in-home caregivers can connect to a job they love. Are you in?

One Job Search Tool You Can’t Do Without

We know it takes time to job search and can help. With the tools you have below, you can stand out and find the right opportunity. In-home.

The Resume Builder tool offers step-by-step assistance to create and post your online resume in minutes. So you can win the job you want.

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A: Begin creating your resume with the Resume Builder.
To get there, follow this path: Sign In > Resume Builder

B: To get started, click on “Create New Resume.”
To get there, follow this path: Sign In > Resume Builder > Create New Resume


Resumes that have not been modified in over 180 days will be set to expire. You will need to click the “Reactivate All Expired Resumes button if this happens.

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C: The Resume Title field is a great place to apply your job title knowledge fromIn-Home Is In-Demand.” 

D: Be sure to select “Allow employers to view my resume to make your resume visible to potential employers once completed.

E: Select “Comprehensive” to use our step-by-step resume building process. 

Never Miss a Job Post

Let the Virtual Recruiter tool be your personal recruiter and get automatic alerts on job postings.

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Once you’ve typed in your job search criteria, be sure to click the “Save search” button and go through a few steps to be notified by our Virtual Recruiter when jobs with these keywords are posted.

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